The Clearity Foundation Volunteers

The Clearity Foundation relies on volunteers to perform many of the organization’s activities. We acknowledge the efforts of all of the people who have helped us since our launch in 2008; without your help, Clearity would not be what it is today. THANK YOU ALL!

Current Volunteers

Below is a list of our current volunteers, but we give our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has donated their time and energy over the years. If you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities, please contact us at

Katia Bassett, PhD — Katia collects and reviews biomarker evidence and clinical trial results to support our Tumor Profile interpretation.
Ivan Bassets, Ph D— Ivan’s efforts were integral in the initial development of our clinical trial search engine.
Cory Bentley, PhD — Cory puts together our patient newsletter, including writing many of the articles. She has also been involved in collecting and verifying biomarker evidence.
Katie Clark – Katie helped to organize legacy files for integration into our new database.
Ailey Crow, PhD — Ailey is involved in the development of our clinical trials searching capability and in the collection and review of biomarker evidence.
Brenda Durand, RN — Brenda helps with our patient support services.
Evan Friend, MD — Evan researches clinical trial results for inclusion in our database and contributes to our patient newsletter.
Teresa Gallagher, PhD — Teresa identifies relevant clinical trials, collects biomarker evidence, and contributes to our patient newsletter.
Amy Hurley — Amy’s community outreach efforts provided valuable assistance to Clearity’s fundraising activities.
Michael North, PhD — Michael helped Clearity develop a clinical trials consortium proposal.
Michael Petka — Michael developed the initial the Diane Barton Database structure.
Liyun Sang, PhD — Liyun helps collect and review biomarker evidence.
Sucha Sudarsanam, PhD — Sucha helped organize biomarker evidence and performed updates for Clearity’s clinical trial search engine.
Elaine Weidenhammer, PhD — Elaine led our website redesign efforts, providing content and recommendations for layout/design

Updated August 6, 2013