Clearity’s Tumor Blueprint

The Clearity Foundation provides a personalized Tumor Blueprint to help guide therapy selection in women with recurrent or refractory ovarian cancer. The Blueprint—a panel of biomarkers that provide information about which cancer drugs are most likely to be effective in an individual patient—can also help identify clinical trials for which you may be eligible.

Which Treatment Is Right for Me?

When you are first diagnosed with advanced stage ovarian cancer, treatment with a platinum-taxane combination is the standard-of-care because it is effective in more than 75% of women. In contrast, many different therapies are available to treat recurrent ovarian cancer; unfortunately, no standard-of-care guidelines exist to help physicians select from among the many options. Molecular profiling can provide valuable information to you and your physician about which drugs are more likely to be effective and which drugs may be less likely to work for you.

Shifting the Trial-and-Error Treatment Paradigm

The Clearity Foundation’s mission is to transform the approach to treatment for recurrent ovarian cancer by enabling more informed treatment choices—choices that take the unique molecular profile of your tumor into account.

Just as an architectural blueprint shows the underlying structure of a home, a Tumor Blueprint provides insights into key features of your tumor at the molecular level. Along with other information like the stage of your cancer and how much time passed between initial therapy and cancer recurrence, the molecular profile of your tumor can help you and your physician identify appropriate clinical trials and prioritize your therapeutic options.