What’s Behind the Blueprint?

Your Cancer, Your Treatment

The Clearity Foundation’s Tumor Blueprint is created for you based on evaluation of a panel of biomarkers that are involved in some of the cell signaling pathways that can be disrupted in cancer. Some of these biomarkers are proteins, and the amount of them in your tumor may indicate whether your tumor is likely to be sensitive or resistant to certain cancer drugs. Other biomarkers are changed (“mutated”) versions of certain genes; the presence of these altered genes in tumors has been correlated with response to certain cancer drugs. The biomarkers may also correlate with responses to drugs that are being tested in clinical trials.

Cellular Grand Central Station

Cells are constantly sending and receiving signals, and cancer cells are no exception. Inside cells, there are a whole series of pathways to manage these signals, with many molecules involved in generating, receiving and transmitting the messages. It’s like one big train station with a lot of communication about which tracks are open, which ones are shut down, and new detours. Many of these messages are related to cell growth and division; and a “misfire” on any of those signaling pathways can potentially lead to tumor development and growth.

Each Woman’s Cellular Information Network is Unique

Although one woman’s ovarian cancer might look the same on the outside as another woman’s ovarian cancer, their cell signaling pathways may be activated or inactivated differently. While the end result of tumor growth is the same in both cases, the best treatment will be the one that targets the affected pathway.

The information in your tumor blueprint can help you and your physician make more educated choices about which therapy options may be most likely to work for you, based on the cell signaling pathways that are inappropriately activated or inactivated in your tumor. The Blueprint can also help identify clinical trials for which you may be eligible.