Clearity’s Tumor Blueprint Biomarkers

The Clearity Foundation team of scientists, surveyed the medical literature to identify biomarkers that could be used to predict response to drugs that are used to treat cancer.

Through this analysis, the team identified biomarkers that can help inform treatment choices. Other biomarkers in the panel are associated with responses to drugs currently being tested in clinical trials.

The Clearity Foundation has partnered with clinical laboratories to enable women with ovarian cancer to find out which of these biomarkers are present in their tumors. The results are provided in an interpretive report, so that the information can be used to guide decisions about which therapies are more likely to be effective.

The information from each Tumor Blueprint is also entered into The Clearity Foundation’s Diane Barton Database, along with treatment outcomes provided by the patient and her physician (each person’s confidential information is protected). As the database grows, we expect that it will provide additional evidence to support the use of particular biomarkers and combinations of biomarkers to personalize ovarian cancer treatment.

Information about the biomarkers, along with the drug classes they affect and the scientific evidence that is used to develop the Tumor Blueprint, can be found on the Test Panel pages.