Results & Interpretation

Once our clinical laboratory partners receive the sample, it typically takes 3-4 weeks to get the results from the testing. The test results are provided from each of the clinical laboratories to your doctor and to Clearity. The laboratory reports include information about how your results relate to scientific evidence about ovarian cancer treatment.

Clearity’s Tumor Blueprint Report

The Clearity summary report will be sent to you approximately 2 days after we receive the laboratory results. Clearity’s report will be sent to you and to your doctor.

The comprehensive report that you receive from The Clearity Foundation summarizes all of your test results and compares them to clinical research evidence that associates each test with drug response (see Test Panel for more information). In addition, Clearity interprets the individual patient test results in comparison to other ovarian cancer patient profiles that are stored in our privacy-protected Diane Barton Database. This comparison enables your results to be interpreted relative to those from other ovarian cancer patients.

How Will my Doctor Use my Tumor Blueprint?

Your report will indicate if your molecular profile shows that your cancer may be sensitive to a particular drug. This information can be used to help you and your doctor prioritize your treatment options. If your molecular profile suggests that you may be eligible for a clinical trial, we will provide that information as well.

We will review the information and recommendations of the report with you by telephone to answer any questions you may have.