What Is a Tumor Blueprint?

Just as an architectural blueprint shows the underlying structure of a home, a Tumor Blueprint provides information about key features of your tumor at the molecular level. By providing a picture of which cellular pathways are inappropriately turned on or off in your tumor, your Blueprint indicates which drugs are more likely to be effective and which drugs are less likely to work for you.

The information provided by your molecular profile, along with other information like the stage of your cancer and how much time passed between initial therapy and cancer recurrence, can help identify which therapeutic option to select.

The information from each Tumor Blueprint is entered into Clearity’s Diane Barton Database. The Clearity Foundation works with each woman and her physician to track treatment outcomes over time and record those data in the database (each person’s confidential information is protected). It is expected that this database will provide additional evidence to support the use of particular biomarkers to personalize ovarian cancer treatment.