Molecular Profiling in Cancer Management

Incorporation of molecular profiling information into patient care is changing the way physicians make decisions about treatment options. Drugs like Herceptin® and Gleevec®, which target specific proteins critical for cancer progression, enable physicians to identify in advance the patients most likely to respond, based upon expression of the targeted protein in their tumor. As molecular profiling is increasingly used in therapeutic decision-making, the era of “one-drug-fits-all” therapy is gradually coming to an end.

Shifting the Paradigm in Ovarian Cancer

The Clearity Foundation seeks to help improve treatment decisions in recurrent and progressive ovarian cancer patients through molecular profiling. Our Tumor Blueprint provides you with valuable additional information to consider as you determine the most appropriate treatment or clinical trial for your patient. We also maintain the Diane Barton Database so that we can, with patient consent, track outcomes and identify patterns that may help guide development of new treatments.

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