The Biomarker Selection Process

Clearity Foundation’s team of scientists, surveyed the medical literature to identify biomarkers that could be used to predict response to the NCCN-recommended drugs that are used to treat ovarian cancer as well as to drugs being tested in clinical trials in ovarian cancer.

Several criteria were used to establish that a biomarker correlates with tumor response to a NCCN-recommended drug, including:

  • The results were reported in peer-reviewed clinical research studies.
  • At least 2 research articles found a specific correlation between the biomarker and the response to the drug.
  • Most of the published studies agreed on the correlation.

Through this analysis, the team identified biomarkers that can help prioritize treatment choices after platinum/taxane failure. Other biomarkers in the panel (i.e., the gene alteration analyses) are associated with responses to drugs that are currently being tested in clinical trials and for which only pre-clinical research evidence is available.

Information about the biomarkers, associated drugs, and the scientific evidence that was used to develop the Tumor Blueprint, can be found on the Test Panel pages.