Patient Eligibility

The Clearity Foundation facilitates molecular profiling for ovarian cancer patients who recur following treatment with first-line platinum/taxane combinations. Our recently published study (Zajchowski et al, 2012) showed that the molecular profiles of tumors from recurrent ovarian cancer patients can be very different from the tumors obtained at diagnosis. Therefore, to ensure that molecular profiling is offered to patients most likely to benefit from the information, we require that

  • your patient has had a recurrence since the first diagnosis; and
  • you have either planned or have already performed another surgery or biopsy to remove tumor tissue during the last year; or
  • your patient’s cancer has not responded to first-line platinum therapy or has primary platinum-resistant disease; or
  • your patient has newly diagnosed advanced stage low grade serous, clear cell, or mucinous ovarian cancer

If your patient meets these criteria, please contact us at 858-657-0282 or email us at to initiate the process

Sample Requirements

The molecular profiling utilizes a standard formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) block. Some of the testing can also be performed on a cell pellet from peritoneal ascites fluid or a pleural effusion sample that is fixed in formalin and embedded in paraffin. The fluid samples must be processed within 30 minutes of the tap in order to be adequately preserved for this testing.

For biopsy specimens, a minimum of 3 core biopsies aligned in an FFPE block are required for analysis. It is preferable to have two blocks, each containing 3 core biopsies.

The Clearity team will work with the patient and your oncology nurse to complete the necessary paperwork, and will coordinate with the pathology lab to ship your patient’s tumor specimen to our diagnostic laboratory partners for analysis. Click here for more information about test logistics.

Cost of the Tumor Blueprint

As a non-profit organization, The Clearity Foundation provides its services free of charge. The cost of the biomarker testing, which is performed by CLIA-certified clinical laboratories, can vary depending on the patient’s insurance. For patients who may need financial assistance to cover the cost of biomarker testing, we offer a grant program whereby we may be able to defray some or all of those costs. Please contact us at (858) 657-0282 or for more details.