Test Logistics

Patients seeking their Tumor Blueprint will be asked to complete The Clearity Foundation’s Background Information Form and Informed Consent Form with the assistance of our patient coordinator. Clearity will provide lab testing requisition forms for your signature and, upon receipt of those forms, arrange for a tissue sample to be sent to our clinical laboratory partners for analysis. For more information about patient eligibility and sample requirements, please click here.

Results from most of the biomarker tests are generally available within 3 weeks and are sent by the labs to you and to Clearity. Clearity’s scientific team then uses that information to create the Tumor Blueprint. This comprehensive report summarizes the results in the context of information derived from our review of clinical research and data from previously tested patients in the Diane Barton Database. Clearity will work with you and your patient to discuss which therapeutic options are most likely to be effective, based on her molecular profile. We can also provide information about appropriate clinical trials for which your patient may be eligible.