About Clearity Foundation’s Services

The Clearity Foundation has provided access to molecular profiling for ovarian cancer since 2008; tumors from more than 300 women have been profiled. We are passionate about helping improve treatment outcomes for ovarian patients because we’ve been there.

  • The Clearity Foundation is a non-profit organization. We provide our services at no cost to you or your patient
  • Our patient coordinator will work with your patient and oncology nurse to ensure completion of all necessary documentation and consent forms View or download the patient forms.
  • The Clearity team will coordinate shipment of your patient’s tumor specimen to our diagnostic laboratory partners. After the panel of tests has been completed, you will receive the results along with our interpretive report, which summarizes the results from all the laboratories. We provide consultation to you and your patient regarding the information in the report Read more about Test Logistics.
  • Our panel comprises biomarkers associated with response to chemotherapy drugs included in NCCN guidelines for treatment of ovarian cancer, specific agents approved for treatment of other cancers, and investigational agents available through clinical trials. For additional information, visit the Test Panel page.
  • We will contact your office from time to time to request outcomes information for your patient. This information will be added to the Diane Barton Database. These data will be used to further refine the interpretation of test results.
  • We partner with CLIA-certified diagnostic laboratories for the testing. Currently, our partners include Claris Life Sciences, Clarient, Inc., and Foundation Medicine, Inc.
  • The Clearity Foundation has no financial or other interest in any technology used for the testing or in any diagnostic laboratory, pharmaceutical company or other company.