Seven Easy Steps for Launching a Fundraising Campaign

Seven Easy Steps for Launching a Fundraising Campaign for The Clearity Foundation

  1. Think about the impact that you would like to have with your fundraising effort and set your goal for donations using the “It All Adds Up” example below. With a $2,500 donation, Clearity can pay the costs for personalized diagnostic information for a woman who cannot afford it.
  2. Make a list of people who would like to support you in this cause and the best way to contact them (including email and Facebook). Consider friends, family, coworkers, neighbors and businesses that you support. Patients may also want to ask doctors, nurses and members of patient support groups to contribute to helping other patients with ovarian cancer.
  3. Gather the information that you will need to start your own online fundraising page! Write a brief description of why raising money for Clearity is important to you and find a picture that can be uploaded. Your fundraising page can be personalized with photos and video to increase your fundraising success.
  4. Create an account using our fundraising service, Razoo by clicking here
  5. Fill in the required information using your own content or the text provided below
  6. Upload your email contacts and send notifications through Facebook and Twitter.
  7. Follow up personally and thank contributors for their support. Even small donations can add up and make a huge difference in the life of a woman with ovarian cancer.

It All Adds Up – It’s easier than you think to raise $2,500!

**Remember The Clearity Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization**

1. Start your campaign with a donation from yourself – it all begins with you $100
2. Ask 4 family members to match your donation $400
3. Ask 15 friends to donate $50 each $750
4. Ask 10 coworkers to donate $25 each $250
5. Ask your company to make a $300 donation $300
6. Ask 4 businesses that you support to each make a $150 donation. They might even be willing to launch their own fundraising campaign. $600
7. Ask 5 neighbors to donate $20. $100
Total $2,500